Store Policies

CDs and Blu-rays

Because many CDs and Blu-rays contain chuusen codes and bonus items, a note will be made on the item page on whether it has been opened or not.



Some unopened items may contain codes for various items (such as in-game items, chuusen, a meet and greet). Unless noted, please assume these codes have since expired.


Food items

Some items sold, like sealed wafer card packs and the infamous Rin instant noodles, may contain products that at one point was edible. Expiry dates will be listed on a product page if we can find them, and if they are expired or there is no expiry date listed, we strongly advise against eating them!



Pre-orders are charged immediately and these are generally released in Japan by the end of the month with it arriving in the US about a few weeks later. Please see our Shipping Policy for shipping details.


Sealed blind boxes and gacha

When we receive blind boxes/gacha, we will open them to categorize them on the store. When mailed out, they may come in their original packaging from the blind box/gacha or without it.